Up for sale is a Schwinn s650 battery-powered electric scooter this is quite nice one aluminum rims midi brakes apparently just need the battery charged and then maybe a little bit of oil on the chain and then if it just meant and its ready to go Talon cheap I dont want it its for a kid or crazy man my name is Richard
Rated 1 by most doctors and sports rehab clinics. Not a dealer , but can deliver if needed. Priced for a quick sale, only asking $257.00.
This is the more expensive airdyne, it is much quieter as it is belt driven. It is also designed for a bigger person as it is much wider across the handles. Has a large comfy seat. Everything works, no rust, excellent condition and from a smoke free residence. Has the instruction manual. Only asking $327.00, and not a dealer but can deliver if needed. .